Small Group Leaders Wanted!

Who said small groups are forever?
270Catholic is looking for small group leaders who will help lead small groups during Lent. The groups will meet from 03/06/2019 to 04/17/2019. You do not need to be experienced as a small group leader to be able to do this. All that we ask is that you are able to open your home to a small group of young adults 1 night a week during this six-week period.
If you feel called to lead a small group during this coming season of Lent please contact us at or leave us a message here on our website. We understand that there can be a lot of questions that come along with leading a small group, so we have added a Q&A to help answer some of the most common questions.

Q: Do I need to have experience as a
small group leader to start one this Lent?

A: No. Leading a small group is not as difficult as it might sound. The
biggest requirements usually are providing a place for people to meet and
staying in contact with those people during the weeks the small group is
meeting. For you it would simply mean opening your home 1 night a week to a
group of 5 to 8 young adults!


Q: Will I need to come up with the
material for the small group meetings?

A: Only if you want to! We will be able to provide you with plenty of
material to keep the small group meetings fruitful. However, if you find
material that you want to use or have used in the past you are more than
welcome to use it.

Q: How long do the small groups meet
for each week?

A: This is up to you and the group. We would recommend meeting for an hour
or two. This should give you enough time to cover material and grow closer to
those in your group!

Q: Am I responsible for food and

A: Not at all, remember that the small group faith
formation is as much for you as the other members of the group. We would recommend
that you talk with the group the first time you meet about food and drinks. If
it is something that people want to do then maybe you can set up a rotation for
each person to bring something.

When will we meet each week?

A: This is your decision! The best thing about being
the leader is you get to set the time and day each week when you will meet. All
we ask is that you are consistent with your meeting times and that you meet at least
once a week during the six weeks.


If we did not cover a question that you have please
message us through the contact tab on our website, or you can email us at


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