Would you like to become more involved in growing 270Catholic? Check this page for all leadership opportunities!

Seeking additional help for Christ in the City Holy Hour and Fellowship, the 4th Tuesday of each month:
  • Greeter Crew: Friendly and welcoming? Help people feel at home!
  • Cleanup Crew: Like cleaning? Help clean up after social events, e.g. social after the monthly 270Catholic Holy Hours.
  • Hospitality Crew: Help purchase and/or prepare food  for the monthly 270Catholic Holy Hours.

Once we have a healthy list of volunteers, we’ll be able to get a good rotation going. Please send an email to 270Cafooatholic@gmail.com if interested in filling one of these roles.

Seeking Small Group Leaders and/or Builders!

Help build 270Catholic’s small group ministry by becoming a small group leader and/or builder! Leaders lead weekly scripture discussions and/or prayer. Builders commit to attending a preexisting small group and reaching out to personal friends/family/coworkers to draw them into the small group.

270Catholic Leadership Team
  • Co-Chairs: Xiomy Esteban and Beth Leumas
  • Theology on Tap Coordinators: Lourdes Naulty and John Martinez
  • Chaplain, Treasurer & Christ in the City: Fr. Chip Luckett
  • Chaplain, Theology on Tap: Fr. Martino Choi
  • Marketing/Communications, & Webmaster: Eric Collins
  • Christ in the City Coordinator: Beth Leumas & Bernadette Cosgrove
  • Small Group Coordinators: Crystel Britto
  • Volunteer Events Coordinator: Hely Santana

270Catholic is a regional Young Adult Ministry in Montgomery County in the Archdiocese of Washington. To learn more about Young Adult Ministry in the Archdiocse visit DCCatholic.org. Contact:

Jonathan Lewis
Coordinator of Evangelization and Young Adult Initiatives
Archdiocese of Washington
301-853-4559 | DCCatholic@adw.org